Treatment Options

Most injuries to the skin result in scars whether these are cuts, scrapes, burns, acne/chicken pox scars or stretch marks from pregnancy. In addition many people have scars from major surgical procedures.  When the skin is injured collagen is formed beneath the skin to reconnect the broken tissue of a wound. In order for the new skin to form and heal a dry, temporary crust (a scab) is formed over the wound. When the damaged skin is healed the scab will fall off. However sometimes the process of reconnecting the broken tissue will leave a scar.

Erbium Laser

Erbium lasers work by removing ultrafine layers of the scarred skin. This has two effects, firstly it softens the transition between the scarred tissue and the normal skin surrounding it. Secondly, it stimulates the production of new collagen in the scarred area thereby enhancing the skin’s capacity to regenerate new cells. Overall the skin is flattened, remodeled and tightened.

Number of Treatments: 1 to 4


Procedure Length: 15 Minutes

Maintenance: As Needed

Down Time: None

Discomfort: Mild

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Photodynamic Therapy


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